Parallel Importation rules and the importance of territorial Copyright   

The Productivity Commission's draft report on their Inquiry into Australia's Intellectual Property Arrangements was released overnight. It has endorsed the Harper Review's recommendation that the Government remove parallel importation rules and further recommends US style 'fair use' and an open access system to all government funded research.

We believe this issues a dire threat to Australian Education and Culture. View our response for full details.

Here is our position statement on PIRs that we have prepared to assist members on their own messaging on what would happen if those rules are changed:

It has already been endorsed by the Print Industry Association of Australia, the Australian Society of Authors, and the Australian Literary Agents Association and a number of publishers. We would like to add as many company logos as we can to show that it is widely supported. Please let us know if you would be happy to attach yours to the list.

Please share the deck and the arguments with anyone you think might help and consider talking to your local member of Parliament to make sure they understand that these rules matter not just to Australia's intellectual and cultural life but to their own electorate.

Please contact us if you would like any more information.


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