BIC (Book Industry Communication)

BIC (Book Industry Communication), is the book industry's independent supply chain organisation, committed to improving the efficiency of the trade and library supply chains, reducing cost and automating processes.

A key part of the ONIX project was to ensure that BIC Subject Codes, the international subject classification standard, met the requirements of the Australian industry. TitlePage currently uses the BIC system (Version 2.1) to classify titles.

The complexity of the book trade supply chain has always made it difficult to deliver timely and accurate information regarding price and availability to the point of sale, and this difficulty has been aggravated by the fact that publishers and distributors have not always given the provision of product information the priority it clearly deserves. BIC Basic helps to standardise procedures throughout the supply chain and in doing so increases the potential for up-to-date product information to aid purchase decisions by booksellers and consumers.

To find out more about BIC and download Subject codes and the BIC Basic standards go to the BIC website


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