Getting a TitlePage Account

To become a TitlePage user go to and register for an account.

Booksellers register for free using the box titled 'Bookseller/Supplier Registration'. Assuming you are an Australian bookseller/supplier and are actively trading with an Australian publisher or distributor your account will be activated within two business days.

Libraries register for free using the box titled 'Library Registration' and will receive an email confirmation of activation of their account within two business days.

Publishers and distributors must be members of the Australian Publishers Association before they can subscribe to and list titles on TitlePage. When registering for TitlePage they use the box titled 'Publisher/Distributor registration'.

The service's low cost annual subscription is based on the publisher/distributor's turnover and the number of titles to be listed on TitlePage. To list a title/s they must own or control the exclusive copyright in Australia for the title/s.

Publishers and distributors can upload their files and amendments thereto, via a secure FTP access point. Publishers with a relatively small number of titles can upload single title information using the tool available online at the TitlePage website. All title information must be presented as XML files on the ONIX format. ONIX is the industry's international standard for exchanging bibliographic data. Detailed information about ONIX and the loading procedures is provided when your account has been activated, however, to learn more about ONIX click here.

For specific Australian Publishers Association membership or pricing inquiries click here or contact us via email -

For assistance with the TitlePage registration process contact the support desk by email -


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