Professional Development

Our Professional Development Program provides training and career development opportunities for people working in the publishing industry to build on or to update relevant knowledge and skills, and to expand management expertise.

The objective is to provide, maintain and expand an effective, self-supporting program of professional development and training events that reflect current thinking and practice, future needs, and address a diverse range of demands across the industry.

Key programs in PD are the:

  • Beatrice Davis Editorial Fellowship

The Fellowship, named after the distinguished literary editor Beatrice Davis honouring her contribution to Australian letters, has been awarded biennially since 1998.

It provides a unique opportunity for a senior editor to develop knowledge and expertise from the largest book publishing market in the English speaking world, the USA, to share with industry peers and colleagues upon return.

The Fellowship covers a 10-12 week period wherein the Fellow undertakes a research project attached to the editorial department of a US publishing house/s (including a literary agency) for 8-10 weeks. The remaining 2 weeks are used for a variety of professional development opportunities for the industry on the Fellow’s return from overseas.

  • Residential Editorial Program

The Residential Editorial Program (REP) has become renowned in the Australian publishing industry as the professional development program for mid-career literary editors.

REP recognises that for the standard of writing published in Australia to thrive and shine both nationally and internationally, our editors need high quality mentorships and advanced in-service training through intensive workshops with senior members of the editorial profession and publishing industry.

As the title implies the REP is held in residence at a venue, running for a period of 6 days wherein participants are offered intensive workshop experiences with highly skilled and respected editorial mentors. These workshops form the core part of the program and aim to develop their literary editing skills. Guest speakers supplement these sessions with specific topics of relevance to those working in the industry and hoping to advance their skills in a range of related areas.

  • University Course Accreditations

We aim to accredit publishing study programs that prepare students for a career in book publishing. The accreditation standards are aimed at increasing the relevance of tertiary programs to the professional and vocational needs of the publishing industry.

We accepts applications for accreditation throughout the year, but usually accredit courses from the beginning of an academic year. Accreditation is for three consecutive academic years and the institution needs to apply for re-accreditation (for a further 3-years) before the end of that period.

For full accreditation, the program must include compulsory courses in the following areas: editing; printing and production; legal issues; marketing; sales; financial issues in publishing; preparation and development of publishing programs and budgets.

  • ​Training and Information Webinars

​​We use webinars to provide publishers with information about technological, operational, marketing, supply chain, legislative and policy issues and developments; and present topical publishing industry forums.

Members who wish to suggest topics for webinars can do so, if logged into the website, by opening a form here and recording their ideas and advice.


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