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Mangagement and Development

In 2011 the Australian Publishers Association signed a Heads of Agreement with RR Bowker, parent company of Thorpe-Bowker, for the hosting and development of TitlePage. TitlePage was then licensed to RR Bowker in 2012 to manage and market including the various metadata services and the developing supply chain solution, TitlePage Plus.

Also in 2012 we signed an agreement with Copia Interactive LLC to be the first and preferred ebook aggregator and distributor integrated to TitlePage Plus. Copia offers a White Label web site solution to Indie booksellers and a customized, fully integrated eDistribution solution for larger booksellers who manage their own web sites.

What is TitlePage Plus?

TitlePage Plus (TP+) is a new subscription based product. It provides complete packages that help booksellers to:

  1. Quickly and easily find local books and their price and availability
  2. Source all titles and get quality metadata
  3. offer products and services that attract and keep consumers as customers

Offering a one stop access solution for all physical and ebook titles, it is designed to improve efficiency and reduce cost in the local supply chain and aims to deliver an efficient and competitive alternative to international competitors. TP+ is a scalable platform, which can evolve as consumer demands change.

TP+ allows expansion of the services that retailers can offer, via the 'Consumer Direct Fulfilment' (CDF) service that can give customers the convenience of home delivery, as well as an integrated print and digital offering via Copia White Label solutions. By offering a White Labelled (WL) version of Copia to bookshops, TP+ empowers retailers to reach consumers in the most interactive and relevant ways possible. The Copia powered ereading app is available free to consumers across an assortment of devices including iOS, Android, Windows and Mac desktops.

TP+ leverages Copia White Label to empower booksellers to offer ebooks with built in social functionality and enhanced features including author discussions, book groups, book reviews and much more in one seamless ereading platform. Founding publishers of this new offering include Macmillan, Pearson Group, Penguin Random House, Wiley, Allen & Unwin, Cambridge University Press, Hachette, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster and an ever increasing number of Australian publishers.

With Copia as the back end, all bookshops, no matter their size, can extend the relationship they have with their customer to both printed and ebooks from the bookshop with 24/7 convenience.

To be part of the TP+ Community booksellers must first be registered for TitlePage, the free look up service. Choose from two subscription levels for access to TP+, or for more comprehensive, purpose built metadata you can subscribe to TitlePage Platinum.

For more information about TP+ please email indicating your interest.

For more information about Copia's White Label and eDistribution solutions please email your contact details and enquiry to Mathew Barlow,



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