Metadata for the raw beginner

Metadata for the raw beginner is a series of six interactive training modules that let you progress at your own pace. We have collaborated with leading trade standards body for the global book industry, Editeur, to bring you access to this exclusive metadata training program.
This course will enhance your metadata understanding and hone your practical skills in interactive exercises working with your own book data.

What does it cover?

Module one: This module covers the basics - What is metadata and how is it used. Who creates it and how it is supplied to relevant partners.

Module two: Provides a practical task to enable you to understand the principles behind metadata – both in general terms that might be applied within any system, and in particular within the ONIX metadata format. Looks at the role of a contributor, contributor list management, how it is expressed in metadata and how it works in ONIX.

Module three: How book titles should be expressed in metadata and how they are defined in ONIX. What different types of identifiers are available.

Module four: How titles, contributors and formats combine to create products. What does an ISBN identify, and when do you need one. How elements of metadata can be interdependent.

Module five: The commercial value of metadata and how to communicate publication status and dates. How descriptive detail can be applied to products and how that is communicated.

Module six: How metadata you send is used by recipients. How a search engine on a retailer’s online store operates and how you can alter your data to make it more useful to recipients.

How do I start?

The modules are accessed online via online interactive work sheets. The modules are bought together as one package.

Full members price: $19.95
Associate members price: $39.95
Non members price: $79.95

To purchase the modules please get in touch with us.


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