Want to know what it's like to work in publishing? Or find out more about the kinds of careers that exist within the industry? 

From publicity, to editorial, to digital marketing – get a look behind the scenes at a range of publishing careers in our ongoing series of interviews with emerging and established industry professionals.  

Publishing Assistant

Creativity, flexibility and a good working memory are among the key skills needed to be a Publishing Assistant according to Sophie Mannix as she discusses the challenges and rewards of her role.


Digital Business Manager

For Olivia Whenman, the rise of audio books sees oral storytelling ‘coming full circle’. Here, she shares the day-to-day of life as a Digital Business Manager at Pan Macmillan, and offers advice for those looking to get into her line of work.


Eddie Coffey of Peribo Books - 70 years in publishing

Eddie Coffey, of Peribo Books shares some reflections about his career that has spanned the life of the APA and taken his whole family into the world of publishing and book distribution.



Connor Parissis didn’t always know he wanted to be a publicist. But a ‘spontaneous’ internship set them on a path towards working in publishing. Here, he shares the challenges and rewards of working in publicity.


Q+A with The Rising Star 2020 Hazel Lam

Congratulations to our Rising Star of 2020, Hazel Lam. This award is given to emerging talent in the publishing industry – and reflects ongoing excellence and growth in contribution to their profession. Read on for our Q+A catch up with Hazel.