Insights into accessibility for publishers at Australian virtual conference

Adult using e-reader

The 2022 Round Table conference will take place on Monday 16 to Wednesday 18 May 2022, with sessions across the three days perfect for publishers looking to better understand accessibility and inclusivity.

Around the conference theme Inclusion and Access to Information in Our Changing World, presenters will explore the ever-expanding opportunities presented to people with print disabilities for information access and creation, communication and learning.

The conference program includes renowned presenters from across the world, providing updates on accessible and inclusive practices and projects, innovative audio and artificial intelligence applications, and much more.

Conference sessions around books and reading

Sessions of particular relevance to publishers during the conference include:

  • Laura Brady, Director at eBound Canada – “See, hear, touch: making books for everyone”
  • Julie Ganner, Chair of IPEd’s Accessibility Initiative Working Party – “Creating ‘born accessible’ publications: what can editors do to help?” 
  • Dr Agata Mrva-Montoya, Lecturer at The University of Sydney – “How do you read: key issues and challenges for readers with print disabilities in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand” 
  • Richard Orme, CEO of the DAISY Consortium – “Born accessible ebooks – are we there yet?”
  • Graham Murray, CEO of  ReadHowYouWant – “Long may we read… in any format”

Workshop for publishers

On Wednesday 18 May a workshop tailored to publishers takes place on “Demystifying accessibility for publishers”, which aims to show how publishers can get involved in producing accessible content. 

It will include a demo of assistive technologies, a short presentation about the process of converting books to accessible formats, discussion of what the best formats for conversion are and why, and what publishers can do to create “born-accessible” content. The session will finish with a Q&A forum for publishers to ask any questions about accessibility.

Find out more

The full program is available on the 2022 Round Table Conference website, and bookings can be made through this registration form.

The conference is organised by the Round Table on Information Access for People with Print Disabilities Inc. The Round Table is an association that comprises of organisations involved in the production, distribution and use of alternative format materials such as braille, audio, large print and electronic text.