The APA and our members recognise our responsibility to the environment, and are committed to developing and implementing sustainable models of publishing.

As part of this ongoing work, we have established a Sustainability Working Group and outlined the next steps of:

  1. Examining and prioritising the environmental challenges faced by the book industry, in the following areas:
    • Waste and recycling practices: including pulping and office arrangements
    • Production: non-recyclable inks, glues and plastics in book products
    • Energy consumption and emissions: solar power feasibility and carbon footprint/offset schemes
    • Supply Chain and freight: the book miles of the publishing process
  2. Assessing the information and education needs of the industry through research, including cross-sectoral partnerships
  3. Addressing and influencing industry practices through the promotion of best practice initiatives

The APA will support the Sustainability Working Group by:

  • Highlighting news about relevant environmental issues and regulations
  • Conducting research into Australian and international sustainability issues
  • Sharing best practice information
  • Participating in global sustainability projects



The first output of the work from the Sustainability Working Group is now complete with the publishing of the Greener Publishing Guide,  an introduction to current environmental best practice for publishers.