Getting Published

Want to get published, but need a little advice?

Don’t despair! We have some suggestions for where to go to take your manuscript to the next stage of its journey. All authors need a little assistance, and all manuscripts can do with a little exposure to independent, objective support from industry professionals.

The Australian Society of Authors and The Australian Writers’ Marketplace are a great place to start. They both have particularly comprehensive resource listings to help authors find their path to publication. It might be that you want to seek out a literary agent, or find someone to help you hone your manuscript to see it reach its full potential. Whatever your needs, there are services out there for you.

In fact, there are now more services available to writers than ever before; largely owing to the competitive nature of publishing. Modern publishing houses are looking for work that is well-polished and near-ready for publication and it is on the shoulders of the author to ensure that the work they submit is at a professional standard.

Writers’ centres and other reputable organisations provide many useful resources for writers (including information on writing courses, competitions, development services, literary agents, self-publishing and so on). Listed below is a mere fraction of what is available to help you find the right path to possible publication.

Useful Links and Resources

Writers Centres

ACT Writers Centre –
NT Writers' Centre –
NSW Writers' Centre –
Queensland Writers' Centre –
SA Writers' Centre –
Tas Writers' Centre –
Varuna, The Writers' House –
Writers Victoria –
writingWA –
The Wheeler Centre –

Literary Agents

Australian Literary Agents Association –

Manuscript Assessment Services

The Manuscript Appraisal Agency –
Lynk Manuscript Assessment Service –


Australian Society of Authors –
Australian Writers Marketplace –
Literature Board of the Australia Council –
Society of Editors (NSW) –
Society of Editors (VIC) –
Australian Help (NSW) -

Good luck on whatever path you choose to take in your writing and publishing journey!

Prepared for the APA by
Kit Carstairs, The Manuscript Appraisal Agency


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