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How Onixsuite can make your metadata easier to manage

In an increasingly digital marketplace with multiplying sales channels, the importance of reliable and comprehensive metadata is paramount. Apart from your books, your metadata is your most important marketing tool, maintaining accurate data doesn't need to be a huge burden.

Data integrity matters, but so does your time so we have negotiated a special members only arrangement with Onixsuite to give you access to a powerful, easy to use tool, that could transform your catalogue management. It will dramatically lift the quality and range of your bibliographic data on service listings. You can feed updates automatically to TitlePage - and to anywhere else you need it sent. Onixsuite is so simple anyone can use it, so your team can share the management and maintanence of your catalogue.

Onixsuite gives you the tools you need to meet any of your partners’ requirements and produce accurate metadata. Good metadata increases sales. Easily keep your TitlePage listing up to date, send data to your business partners, and deal with their different or changing requirements and keep on top of your rights sales, and the different prices or covers for different territories or versions.

Taking control of your metadata reduces inconsistencies and enables you to track the source of any discrepancies easily. With Onixsuite, set up automatic metadata feeds with any trading partner adapted to their specific requirements.

Key features:

  • Access Onixsuite from anywhere with a web connection
  • Import Excel templates and ONIX 3.0 or ONIX 2.1 and instantly convert your data to ONIX 3.0
  • Identify errors and weaknesses in your metadata before it goes to partners, including TitlePage
  • Bulk fix errors and problems on your entire catalogue, whether it’s big or small
  • Automated exports of ONIX 2.1 or 3.0 to an unlimited number of trading partners
  • Send your whole catalogue or just selected records to partners
  • Easy to maintain up-to-date pricing, rights and availability information
  • Include external media: images, video, audio, PDF or ePub
  • Subject classification: BISAC, BIC, CLIL, Thema and others

The Opportunity:

This exclusive opportunity is available to APA members for less than $3 per title per year, and we can offer discounts for bulk, so if you have more than 1,500 titles, please get in touch. We’re so confident Onixsuite will save you time and resources that if you’re not completely satisfied with the service after the first month, we’ll refund your subscription.

The Practicalities:

We’ve worked with Onixsuite to make it as easy as possible to get started. We can preload your TitlePage data so you can immediately see what your catalogue looks like and you will receive a detailed data quality scorecard the first time you login to Onixsuite.
If you would like to discuss the offer further please call Bruce Powell on 02 9281 9788 or via email.

To sign up for an Onixsuite account please complete the form.


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